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IP Cameras, Video & Alarms

a wide range of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety

Hewad ICT Solutions offers a wide range of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of public, commercial and industrial settings. These IP cameras deliver unparalleled functionality, high-resolution image quality and full frame-rate video, bringing clarity and precision to your visual surveillance experience.

Hewad ICT Solutions provides the latest in high quality; high performance standards based equipment for IP base surveillance video for Network Video Recording and storage. These cameras are equipped with latest technology with market leading video and audio performance, in-built video analytics, require less storage for recordings and give lower system costs.

We provide rack mountable Alarm Panel with two variants: An Alarm Panel with Opto-Isolated Inputs for detecting standard alarm source events or an Alarm Panel with Supervised Tamper-Detect Inputs for detecting open or close circuit events as well as alarm source events. With intrusion detection alarm products like window and door alarms, motion alarms, and medical alarms, you can leave your home knowing that it’s safe and well protected.

Hewad ICT Solutions IP Camera, Video and Alarm Systems services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  •  IP Cameras makes it easy to keep an eye on your business from virtually anywhere on the planet
  • Extra peace of mind with 24/7 video recording on the network
  • Reliable, Robust and Resilient IP Cameras, NVRs and Alarm Systems
  • Network Video Recorders are much more powerful than Digital Video Recorders.
  •  Secured video evidence, even when video is exported.
  • Alarms are provided according to priority as per your security needs
  • Automatic failover and redundancy
  • Completely Open Ended and Totally Integrated