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Truly Agile - powerful, user-friendly, ALTECiSyS's – Agile eFacility and Asset Management System is an end-to-end property management software solution that comprehensively fulfills all the property management needs, integrated and vital accounting with unmatched flexibility for any real estate business.

Agile eFacility and Asset Management System is set apart as the Real-estate Property Management System wherein everything you ever wanted is built in with perfection of highest order. The following characteristics broadly classify Agile eFacility and Asset Management System is world-class software that separates itself from the competition in setting the software standards for real estate rental property management business needs.

Agile eFacility and Asset Management System is an integrated multi-user Facility and Asset Management Software System for Real Estates Rental business providing smooth workflow between departments concerned with Property owners, tenants, Accounting, Purchases and Issues in a user-friendly manner.

Standard Features include:

  • Contemporary Easy-to-Use and Spontaneous
  • Product of extensive domain experiences
  • Complete Accounting for Property Management
  • Innovative
  • Attention to Detail
  • Scalable to your business growth
  • Outstanding return on investment (R.O.I)
  • Exceedingly easy to setup and learn
  • Exceptionally User Friendly design

Major Modules


maintains data on details like apartment buildings, commercial complexes, shopping malls, mosques, parks, playing courts and playgrounds.


allows you to create new tenants through a user-friendly 4-step wizard that includes several useful functional areas for tenant management.


includes Accounts Receivable / Payable, Cheque Management and Tenant Ledger that integrate seamlessly with a powerful database. The module essentially increases productivity by organizing rental information, reducing number of delinquent accounts, and automating accounting process on real-time basis.


Purchase Indents can be raised for materials, and information can be maintained on vendors / material suppliers.


integrates inventory with purchase functionality. Creates / maintains Materials Masters, reducing wastages due to excess / dead inventory. Tracks stock levels of various materials and creates automatic Purchase Indents based on re-order level parameters.


integrated with Maintenance functions including civil, electrical, painting and plumbing. Comprehensive reports on material used / repair works by own staff or contractors are provided.


provides comprehensive document management/ electronic filing system. In-built powerful search facility to quickly retrieve any record. The module is designed for generating customized documents like Lease Agreements, Notices, Reminders and Maintenance Contracts.


Agile eFAMS using powerful SQL database includes a wide variety of standard / flexible reporting options.

Setup / Security

Roles/privileges for user groups can be defined on various modules /interfaces/transactions/reports/utilities, based on their job/role in the company. Special Approval Privileges ensures highest integrity for approvals.

Key Features

  • Property Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Rental Contracts / Lease Agreements
  • Accommodation Reservations
  • Contract Renewals
  • Expiry / Terminations
  • Accommodation Exchange
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Rental Invoices and Receipts
  • Alternate rent payment options
  • Variable dues collection options
  • Debit Notes
  • Repair Invoices and Receipts
  • Accounts Payables
  • Sundry Payments
  • Security Deposits
  • Tenant Ledger
  • Purchase Indents Management
  • Purchase Indents Management
  • Purchase Orders Management
  • Inventory Manager
  • Stock Statementa
  • Issue Manager
  • Vehicles Manager

Screen Shots

Click on images to enlarge the screenshots of the Facility & Asset Management System.


Sequence Generator allows defining user-defined recyclable sequences for Contracts, Receipts, Vouchers and Purchase Orders.

Auto Alerts on Cheques, Renewals, Purchase and Maintenance and Self-Alerts can be configured at reminder dates with users defined time intervals.

Statistics are provided to show the health of all business activities across the organization. Vacant, Occupancy and Maintenance Status on Accommodations is provided through Accommodation Status.

Rental Calculator provides quick and easy rental breakup for user-defined contract period and annual rent.

Export Tool allows exporting selected data from Agile eFAMS logical tables to text files.

User-friendly, intuitive and powerful wizards are provided to facilitate New Tenant Contracts, Reservations, Renewals and Expiries.

Predefined shortcuts are provided on toolbar for the most commonly used interfaces. Each user can independently customize favorites on interface of his choice for his specific usage.

Powerful search tool is provided to find vacant accommodations based on user-defined inputs like Area, Property, Floor, Class and Annual Rent.