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Agile eVisitor Management System is a visitor management and tracking system for any organization of any size. AeVMS maintains information on all aspects of visitors' right from their company / personal details, demographic details, contact details, photo, and visit details.

A unique Visitor Pass is generated for each visitor on each of their visits having their visit information. Visitor photo is captured instantly, a uniquely identifiable barcode is generated and staff to meet details with meeting time is auto captured and printed on the visitor pass.

An email is sent to the staff person informing about the particular visitor has come to meet him. This email feature helps the senior staff to receive email on their mobile even if they are not on their seats and they can quickly schedule themselves for the meeting.

Visitors can be checked out by swiping the barcode and manual check out is provided as well. Checkout time is auto captured and tracked for generating visitor reports.

A default meeting time can be set up through the setup interface and it can be updated for each visit as needed. Alert messages are displayed for Visitors not checking out on expected time with information on time elapsed.

Staff person needs to approve for the check-out process immediately after the meeting ends. Approval status is saved and approval time is captured internally to check if visitors are not checked out of the premises within a stipulated time that can be set through the settings interface. Information alerts are shown for such visitors who have not checked out within the allowed time to check out after the approval and an email is sent to the staff person informing him about the visitor has not yet checked out.

When a visitor checks out then an email is sent to the staff person informing him about the visitor has checked out with details on check out time and elapsed time if check out time is late.Visitor contact details can be captured and maintained for individual visitors and visitors representing their respective companies. Visitor search feature is provided to search for information on visitors based on given filter conditions. Masters setup allows defining of visitor types, purpose of visits, departments, and staff information. Multi-user security is provided. Various visitor information reports can be generated based on Visitor, Date, Department and Staff.

Kiosk interface is provided to capture visitor details with the ease of touch screens using any touch enabled monitors / tablet PCs. Integrated with Emirates ID Card and National ID for reading instant visitor information. Signature pad is integrated to capture Digital Signature of the visitor.

Major Modules

Visitor Management

  • Visitor Checkin
  • Visitor Checkout
  • Visitor Register
  • Visitor History
  • Contacts
  • Alerts
  • KIOSK Interface


  • Roles
  • Privileges
  • New User
  • Users Logs
  • Change Password
  • Database Backup
  • Database Restore
  • Update License
  • About Us
  • Content


  • Visitor Daily wise
  • Visitor Date wise
  • Visitor Department wise
  • Visitor Staff wise
  • Visitor Visitor wise
  • Visitor Company wise
  • List of Visitors
  • Check-in Type Report


  • Company Profile
  • Sequence Settings
  • Visitor Types
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Staff Roster

Key Features

  • Visitor management system is a web based and multi-user application.
  • Captures basic information of a visitor like Name, Company Name, Phone No, Email ID and Address.
  • Records additional information: Purpose of Visit, Person to meet, Department, Visitor Type, Visitors Count.
  • Generates and print visitor passes instantly.
  • Captures photo image of the visitor and prints it in the Visitor pass.
  • Visitor Check In email message
  • Provides quick view of visitors checked IN and checked OUT.
  • Records expected time out for each visitor.
  • Highlights visitors who have not checked out after the expected time out and shows alert message for time elapsed.
  • Check out approval by staff person
  • Visitor not checkout in time email message
  • Visitor Check Out email message.
  • Allows Visitors to be checked-out with a single click.
  • It has extensive visitors Search feature with resultant visitor and visit details information.
  • Allows defining Company Contacts and updating their information.
  • Allows defining Individual Contact and updating their information.
  • Maintains Contact / Company relationship for visitor.
  • Provides Visitor reports for Management.
  • Built in Data Backup tool to backup visitors’ database.
  • Database Restore interface to restore database from backup
  • Integration with Emirates ID Card for reading instant visitor information.
  • Additional information can be captured pertaining to National ID.
  • Signature pad is integrated to capture Digital Signature of the visitor.
  • Kiosk interface is provided to capture visitor details

Screen Shots

Click on images to enlarge the screenshots of the eVisitor Management System.


Email alerts are provided for visitor check in, visitor has not yet checked out after check out approval and for visitor check out. Approval time is checked against the default check out time after approval and if it is elapsed then visitor has not yet checked out email alert is sent.

Application alerts are provided based on meeting time. A default meeting time can be set through Configure Alerts interface and which can be reset at the time of visitor check in if needed for individual transactions. If a visitor does not check out after the defined meeting time then an alert window is automatically popped up displaying such visitors who have not yet checked out.

Database backups are scheduled maintenance activity which is done on regular basis manually. We have provided auto database backup tool that takes database backup automatically on a scheduled basis at the scheduled time interval, say daily at 5PM. This tool frees administrator from taking regular backups and it is helpful in restoring database in case of any data or hardware failures.