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HOW TO BUY .af DOMAIN or .af Domain Registration

HOW TO BUY .af DOMAIN or .af Domain Registration

.af domain registration

Afghanistan’s name in Cyber Space or the Internet is .AF (Dot AF), which is the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Afghanistan. Afghanistan Network Information Center (AFGNIC) was incorporated on 1st January 2003, to carry out .AF ccTLD domain name registration and management, and to undertake operation of the domain name system. AFGNIC manages and administers .AF Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in a fair and neutral manner.

The .af domain is the most commonly used second-level domain used for organizations or Ngo’s operating in Afghanistan.

There are two ways to register your .af domain name:

  1. direct with AFGNIC Afghanistan Network Information Center (the governing authority of the .af domain extension)
  2. via a AfgNic Member (ie. hewadict.com)

The registration fees for an .af domain name cover a period of one or up 5 years (regardless of where you registered the domain). This means your registration payment gives usage rights over the domain name for 1 year. A renewal fee is payable for each subsequent 1-year period.

.af Domain Names

The domain name that you wish to apply under .af. Then select the appropriate domain name option (New, Modify, Delete). Ensure that the domain name entered is valid as describe in .af policy document 
The registrants also have the choice to register second level domains (SLDs) under .af domain e.g hewadict.af

Who can apply for which .af domain names?

  • .gov.af for government agencies
  • .com.af for commercial entities
  • .org.af for non commercial organizations
  • .net.af for network providers
  • .edu.af for educational institutions

.af Domains Pricing

ExtensionRegistration Fee Per YearTransfer

.af Domain Registration requirments

The .af domain registrant is requested to present the below documents upon registering.af domain name. Valid Business License, National Identity Card( Tazkira) or Passport , Valid Organization License or the organization should be validated by the government of Afghanistan.
a) After the registrar completes the .af domain registration process and pays the registration fees, the .af domain DNS authority grants an exclusive license to the licensee to use the.af domain name in the application.

b) The license is valid for one year and is renewable as long as the registration fee has been settled.

c) The license is not transferable unless the domain name is transferred with the business assets of the licensee. The license for a domain name that is on hold cannot be transferred, with exception for the appointment of a new registrar as described in article 6, b, second paragraph.

d) In case the registrant decides not to use the domain name, it is the responsibility of the registrant to let the office of .af know via email so the office of .af can remove the domain name from the system.

e) The .af domain DNS authority may terminate the license if the licensee breaches any of the terms and conditions of the.af domain name registration, including non-payment of the license fee by the licensee’s registrar. In case of a breach of the terms and conditions, the .af DNS authority can send a reminder by e-mail to both the registrar and the licensee informing them that the license will be terminated if the breach is not remedied within 14 days.

To register .af domain through hewadict.com please kindly get in touch with us we will make this all process within 10 minutes.

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